Why here

This site was created as part of the internationalization activities promoted by the Campania Region to which L eonardo E ngineering A nd R esearch srl joined in response to the POR Campania program FESR 2014-2020 - Axis III - OS 3.4 - Action 3.4.2 - Notice Public for the granting of grants aimed at financing Internationalization Programs of Micro and SMEs in Campania. One follows extreme summary of the activities, we share them in this section of the site as well as for the advertising obligations of the financing program, also to inform customers / partners / interlocutors of all costs, our effort to enhance skills and adapt our production standards at the European technological level.




The project activities combined with the collaboration with BIC, a Romanian company, allow us to fully understand the reference market of Romania and more generally the European one, starting from the particularities and specifications that characterize the target business context. We planned the project in order to have the possibility of setting up an internationalization strategy, establishing the actions to be implemented, identifying times, methods and tools for carrying out the activities.

The target market

For several years, Romania has been starting to open up to the AD & S Aerospace , Defense , Security & Space sector , a supply chain that allows to create innovation, to promote research, but also the country system of the subjects that are part of it. Investing in this particular sector means concretely contributing to the enhancement of professional skills, increasing investments aimed at supporting technology. The effort of the investment in R&D is repaid with the support to the mutual export of materials, knowledge, experiences, etc. The L ear aero-promotion project has identified the emerging opportunities in this area of Europe which is already hosting production sites, factories and is beginning to invest more concretely.


The project in brief

is a project admitted for funding by the Campania Region with the respective CUP codes: B25F19000410007 - SURF: OP_8302 18066BP000000033 - COR: 832599. Thanks to the project we have carried out actions aimed at corporate internationalization: opening our business to the context in particular to the Romanian market. This was made possible thanks to various synergistic actions, such as a sector study and the business plan , which made it possible to fully understand the context of the new market aiming at the construction of a European-wide network.





"We joined this project with the intention of expanding our international market in line with the general aims and objectives of the regional promotion program".




Leonardo Engineering and Research
Business Innovation Council


Expected results

The project presupposes the achievement of company results relating to the greater knowledge of the investment context, the planning of our activities at an international level, the creation of a channel for further outlets, also by virtue of the restrictions caused by the pandemic. In fact, participation in the project should be viewed as a way of approaching the Regional System of Innovation and Research with the environment Production and Science of R omania, which in recent years tends to evolve increases n do the development of the supply chain speed of the AD & S Aerospace , Defense , Security & Space . The project aims to be an investment opportunity in the Romanian Aerospace sector based on an exchange of skills valued in the Campania regional context and shared with counterparts, companies and subjects operating in the Romanian supply chain. The project activities want to be a direct way of promoting scientific technological excellence achieved thanks to the know- how of Campania. In cascade we await the planning of future collaborations, which will increasingly involve our Campania system.



The main activities

It is enriched by the experience and outputs achieved during the project implementation consisting of a program of support and promotion actions for the internationalization of the core business in Romania. The project involves the implementation of feasibility studies, business plan , to international consulting actions, web marketing etc ..

Financial support The project actions received the support of the European Union from the POR Campania ERDF 2014-2020 program - Axis III - OS 3.4 - Action 3.4.2
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