Leonardo Engineering and Research is an engineering company that has concentrated in an unique operating group the professional experiences matured in decades of activity in civil and military field. Its base is in Siracusa (Italy) and works actively in all the world.

Leonardo is organized in a team with deep technical knowledge of the assigned task coordinated by a technical director. Such organization is born from the confidence that the specific professional competences matured in multiple fields represent the key factor for the correct guideline of the activities to guarantee a product of quality to fully satisfying the real requirements of the costumer. Leonardo takes advantage from the collaboration of professionals with competences in various disciplines that operate on all the national territory.



The Technical Department of the Society is composed from naval engineers, aeronautical engineers, management engineers, aerospace engineers, infrastructures engineers, computer science engineers, former captain of the Italian Navy (C.O. of minesweeper, auxiliary ships, frigates), former military and civil Captain of helicopters and airplane, tests pilots, university professor, doctors in marine and naval sciences and technical director of Navigation companies.


Founded in 2005 it is structured in working teams based on the specific needs of the customer, with in-depth technical knowledge of the projects assigned to them, coordinated by a single technical director. This organization stems from the belief that the specific professional skills gained in multiple application fields, represent the key factor for the correct orientation of the project activities to guarantee a quality product able to fully meet the real needs of the clients. The Company therefore makes use of the presence and collaboration of professionals with expertise in different disciplines that operate throughout the country. The Technical Department of the Company consists of Naval Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers, Management Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Computer Engineers, Former Commanders of the Italian Navy's Military Unit (Hunting, Auxiliary Ships, Fregate), former Military and Civilian Commanders of Helicopters and Aircraft, Testers and Aircraft Experimenters, Academics, Doctors in Maritime and Naval Sciences and Technical Directors of Navigation Companies. The close collaborations with universities and leading national organisations in the field of applied research have enabled our Company to achieve excellent results; This is due to the many knowledge gained in the different operational contexts of interest and its ability to identify possible cross-cutting of high-level technologies (developed for aerospace needs) to various fields of application, such as environmental monitoring, support for agriculture, and the naval and transport sectors.

Cmdr. Eng. Domenico Santisi Former Navy Officer, Pilot and Commander of Naval Units, graduate in Aeronautical Engineering, Maritime and Naval Sciences and Aerospace Engineering, has more than 10,000 hours of flying on civilian and military aircraft (T34, T44, BR1150 Atlantic, MD80, B767, Citation 650).
Apr Instructor (drones) is authorized by Enac to carry out critical specialized operations. Thanks to his experience as Technical Director at a leading oil and gas company, he is able to combine the peculiarities of the petrochemical environment with the potential of air platforms and multispectral sensors that can be used to acquire valuable technical-operational informations.
He trained the crews of the Bangladesh Navy Units in the operational use of helicopters, providing his specialist advice also in the sizing of flight decks. He also performs the latter in the civil field on yachts or oil platforms.


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